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Periyodik Kontrol

Periodical Controls

Periodical Controls

The equipment which we use at workplaces must be in operating state in order to ensure quality and continuity of production. Any delay in maintenances would adversely influence services, quality and processes. A Regulation on Health and Safety Conditions in respect of Use of Work Equipment was published by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security on April 25, 2012. This Regulation aims to ensure that the equipment available at workplaces are used and maintained safely and in a healthy manner. It must be ensured that the controls are carried out at appropriate intervals as per international standards, and that the equipment undergoes periodical maintenance by authorised institutions.


Central heating, hot water boiler, steam boiler, hot oil boiler, compressor, hydrophore, air tank, autoclave, industrial gasses, LPG tank


Forklift , Pallet Truck, Mobile Crane, Crane, Workshop Hoist, Cargo Elevator, Vehicle Lift, Lifting Platform, Manlift, Bucket Platform C-ELEKTRİK VE TOPRAKLAMA ÖLÇÜMÜ Electricity Wiring Earthing Measurement, Electric Panel Earthing Measurement, Machinery Earthing Measurement, Generator Earthing Measurement, Lighting Rod Earthing Measurement, Electric Transformer Oil Test, Illumination Intensity Measurement, Thermal Camera Measurement, Cathodic Protection Measurement, Harmonic Measurement


Workplace Noise Measurement and surveying noise map, Workplace Dust-Lift Measurement and surveying its map, Workplace Illumination Measurement and surveying its map, Workplace Thermal Comfort Measurement (moisture, heat etc.), Workplace Organic Vapour Measurement, Workplace Aspiration Flowrate Measurement, Workplace Gas-Vapour Measurement


Personal Noise Measurement, Personal Dust-Lift Measurement, Personal Vibration Measurement

F-ENVIRONMETNAL MEAUSUREMENTS Stack Gas (Emission) Analyses, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), Air Quality Measurement and Modelling