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Our Policy

Our Policy

Our Mission

To expand the Occupational Health and Safety Services, set up a safe and healthy work environment through a protective and preventative approach, to contribute to safe operation and management, to contribute to production of high quality products and services at workplaces to which we provide services by way of controls and inspections, and to keep customer satisfaction at highest level.

Our Vision

To be a leading company in the sector by setting up relations based on long-term solution partnership, as a high quality and reliable entity for all the workplaces to which we provide Occupational Health and Safety services.

Our Service Policy and Principles

Our customer satisfaction policy aims to ensure that customers can easily communicate all their recommendations, requests and complaints regarding our service, all such complaints are evaluated within a reasonable time, solutions are produced rapidly and feedback is given to the customer in compliance with applicable standards and legislation by following a transparent and high-quality service approach.

We seek to ensure continuity of the required improvements and controls, and sustainability of customer satisfaction, to determine the improvable areas in the process of assessment of customer requests and complaints, to increase efficiency, reach correct results through analyses, and continuously improve our processes in line with customers’ expectations, and we undertake to provide reliable and high-quality service based on this policy.