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Occupational Health and Safety Training

Occupational Health and Safety Training

The whole of pre-cautions aimed at ensuring safety at the time of working of employees at the workplace is called “Occupational Safety”. It covers all the conditions that form the legal basis under the law numbered 4857.

 The main purpose of such whole of pre-cautions is to keep the employees at high level socially, psychologically, and physically, protect the working conditions against harmful influences, and help the employees to work in harmony. Occupational health and occupational safety is related with the effort to improve environmental conditions of the worker at the working environment, eliminate health problems that may be experienced, or keep health conditions at high level.

The factors that influence health and safety of employees, temporary workers, contractor’s employees, customers and visitors are analysed under the name of occupational safety science. Planned works aimed at building a more humanistic work environment by avoiding conditions that may endanger health at working spaces are carried out under the leadership of occupational safety and occupational health specialists.

Legal Basis: The underlying goals of Occupational Health and Safety are to take measures aimed at protecting workers against occupational accidents and occupational diseases, and to inform them on this subject. The fifth section of Labour Law numbered 4857 (Art. 77-89) is related to Occupational Health and Safety. This section contains provisions regarding the obligations of workers and employers in connection with occupational health and safety, the measures of closing of the workplace or cessation of activities in case any actions contrary to occupational health and safety are found, the principles for organising occupational health and safety at workplace level (occupational health and safety committee, workplace health units, workplace doctor, engineers or technical staff with occupational safety roles, workers’ health and safety representative), and protection of women and child labour in working life.